Information on Solar Energy for FSW Clubhouse

There will be a presentation on February 15, 2019 @ 1:30 PM in the Ballroom.

Ray Kaden of the Finance Committee will be providing more in-depth information for interested residents.

A second presentation is being planned for April 2019 so as to accommodate any of our residents who may not be at FSW during the winter months.

Work on the property adjacent to our back gate.

You may have noticed or heard work being done on Sunday, December 9, 2018. Your Board of Trustees has been in contact with Jeffrey Bertrand of Wall Township about this, and Mr. Bertrand advised that working on Sunday is not permitted.   His advice is to contact Wall Township Police should the problem recur.

On Tuesday, December 11, 2018, exit from our back gate was completely blocked while utility work was being done.   Wall Township Police were contacted and upon their arrival they cleared the way, having the contractor place cones to clear a route for us from and into our community.

The contractor representative has notified Chuck Braun that paving work will be done within the upcoming weeks.   Once your  Board has the information a call will be made to all residents to provide information on what work is to be done and how long the work will take.

Expenditures approved by your Trustees @ October 4, 2017 Meeting

At today’s meeting the following expenditures were approved by the Board of Trustees:

DTE proposal for Controller Replacement at Well #16 – $1,575.34 – Replacement Reserve Fund.

Air Dynamics proposal for replacement of the water fountain located outside the Fitness Center – $1,559.18 – Replacement Reserve Fund.

The Racquet Shop proposal for Seasonal Windscreen Removal – $561.09.

Donation to South Wall Fire Department$150..

Reimbursement to Mermaids for replacement of items destroyed in vandalizing incident – $172.70.

Expenditure of $896.66 to offset additional costs associated with the 20th Anniversary Celebration.