Expenditures approved at the March 21, 2018 Open Board Meeting –

Proposal from Bob Hart for $190 to install the Clubhouse vestibule display board.

Proposal from Raymour & Flanagan for a new couch for the Clubhouse Billiards room – cost $1,171.81 includes delivery.

Proposal from Ruding & Wood for repair of a men’s game room chair repair – $106.63.

Proposal from Bob Hart for repairs to the clubhouse elevator tile/marble threshold – $275.00

Red Hawk Fire & Safety fire alarm and annual testing service agreement for a total cost of $773.03.

Approval of nine (9) Down to Earth – non-contractual items – for a total cost of $4,416.93.
1) 7 Norway Spruces common rear area of 2617-2619 Lantern Light Way for Wall Township ordinance compliance;
2) Living Screen plantings of 6 Blur Hetz junipers around well head # 17 – $394.51;
3) Plant 1 Black gum street tree at 1502 Primrose Place – $719.72;
4) Eliminate 2 former common area planting beds in rear vicinity of 2508-2510 Sparrowbush Lane – $272.22;
5) $255.56 to flush cut one dead conifer tree & remove another and grind stump in rear of 2512 Sparrowbush Lane;
6) $186.59 to remove one dead conifer tree and grind stump in rear vicinity of 2514 Sparrowbush Lane;
7) $106.62 to flush one dead conifer in rear of vicinity of 2518 Sparrowbush Lane;
8) $239.91 to remove one leaning conifer and grind stump in rear vicinity of 1516 Blacksmith Row;
9) $373.19 remove one toppled large conifer and grind stump on Lakewood Road berm

Expenditures approved at the March 7, 2018 Open Board Meeting –

Eosso Bros. Paving – $ 2,458.13 – road opening and closing – Colliers Road

Rudding & Wood – $263.25 – refinish clubhouse lobby coffee table top – removal of water stains as a result of plants being placed on the table.

Eosso Bros. Paving – $4,584.88 – Emergency Sinkhole Liability – grass in clubhouse parking lot. – Excavate to determine cause of failure, removal and disposal of debris, repairs to include fabric, concrete and pipe, apply top soil where needed when completed – Replacement Reserve Fund

Eosso Bros. Paving – $,8743.26 – Catch basin rebuild 3 courses – 1 location in parking area; manhole adjustment – lower manhole to grade; asphalt repair – infrared method. Replacement Reserve Fund.

The cost of the display case expenditure approved at the 2/21 meeting – was reduced from $1,808 + freight to $ 1,075.77 and this amount includes the freight charges.

Expenditures approved at the February 21, 2018 Open Board Meeting –

Churchin Group – $6500/per year for 2017-2018 Audits

Message Board for Clubhouse foyer – Gheet Inc., 4′ X 5′ – not to exceed $1808 + freight. It is intended that this message board will eliminate the need for many tripod notices in the clubhouse foyer.

Carl’s Fencing – $666.92 – to replace split rail fencing behind homes on Currier’s Place.

Expenditures approved at the February 7, 2018 Open Board Meeting –

World Class, Inc – $1,373.34 – during the recent snow storm, snow leaked into the ridge vent over Chuck’s office and created possible leaking condition. World Class will remove the existing ridge vent where the snow was found and install new GAF Cobra ridge vent. GAF Weatherwood roof shingles will also be installed as needed where the existing ridge vent was removed. A GAF Timbertex cap will also be installed over the new ridge vent area.

Universal Fitness Store, Inc. $ $250.57/per call – Labor only. This is a renewal of the quarterly service contract for the inspection, cleaning, tightening, adjusting, lubricating, and replacement of parts as needed and a professional evaluation of the overall condition of the equipment.

Certa-Pro Painters – Not to exceed $2,827.74 – There is a spot of bulging and leaking ceiling in the fitness center, and stress cracks in the walls of the Women’s locker room. Certa-Pro will repair and repaint the fitness center ceiling; & repair the stress cracks in the women’s locker room ad paint two walls corner to corner.

Purchase of a new Ice Making machine for the Clubhouse kitchen $2,369.00. Please note, the Board had a estimate form a local vendor for the identical ice machine at over $3,500, so the Board asked Chuck to contact the vendor to see if he could reduce his price to be competitive with the on-line price – the vendor would not. All warranties are identical to that offered by the local vendor, so the Board opted to save $1500 by purchasing the item on-line.

Keith Walsh Plumbing – $370. Install new Ice Making machine, water hook-ups.