DTE to Redo Entire Turf Renovation Process starting 9/11/2018

As you may have observed the turf renovation process performed by DTE was less than acceptable.

To that end, DTE will be redoing the entire turf renovation process to begin on Tuesday 9/11/2018. This will involve a mow of the turf to a shortened height, the flagging of the entire irrigation system and core aeration, slice seeding, and a complete over-seeding of the property.

The DTE area manager stated that he will have a different crew performing the above tasks and he, the manager, will be on site for the entire renovation process.

Residents and Management Staff get CPR & AED certification

Chuck Braun, Nancy Lindstrom, and Joe Medicke of our Management Office staff have CPR & AED certification and took the re-certification course on Friday August 17, 2018.

In addition, 5 residents took the course and were certified. The residents took the course to assist Four Seasons in complying with newly issued NJ requirements.

Thank you to Tim Kearney, Susan D’Altrui, Joe Daurio, Marilyn Wehner, and Barbara Roche for taking the time to be certified in these life saving techniques.

At present, there is one (1) AED machine located in the Fitness Center. It is planned to obtain another and place it in the lower level of the Clubhouse, for easy access should a problem occur in the pool areas.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors required @ Clubhouse

The annual inspection of the Clubhouse by Wall Township Fire Bureau Chief, Joseph Rizzitello, resulted in notification of a change in the Uniform Fire Code. This change requires that CO detectors be placed at various spots in the Clubhouse and one in the Gatehouse.

16 CO Detectors are being purchased. The are the 10 year lithium battery type.