Snowfall – Wed. 3/21 thru Thurs 3/22/2018 – approx. 10 inches

On Wednesday evening DTE began plowing throughout the community – this will include the driveway areas.

The snow and winds are very heavy, and that will impact the snow removal operations.

As of 4 AM this morning (Thursday), the snow began to taper off and it is expected that Four Seasons will have an accumulation of approximately 10 inches of snow.

Please do not venture out if you do not have to do so, and thank you for your patience and cooperation.

New Staff Members @ Our Gatehouse

One of our gatehouse staff, Bill McClain, has tendered his resignation after approximately 9 years of service here @ Four Seasons. We wish him well in any future endeavors!

2 new staff members have been added to the gatehouse coverage rotation.

Kevin Hoey, will be on duty on Wednesday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday for the daytime shift

Nick Imperato, will be handling the 3 – 11:30 PM shift on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Upcoming work that will be done @ Four Seasons

The following projects have been approved by your Board of Trustees and work is scheduled to commence/end on the dates below:

Bocce Courts – removing court skins to determine what, if any, work needs to be done – 11/17/2017.

Roadway crack filling and catch basin repair work – Eosso Bros. work starting on 11/15/2017 thru 11/22/2017.

Billard Room Draperies and Blinds – were removed for cleaning on 11/7/2017, and are scheduled to be
strong>reinstalled on 11/22/2017.

Strip and wax multi-purpose room and hallway – scheduled to begin 11/28/2017

Five Four Seasons Veterans Honored by Wall High School

On Wednesday, November 8, 2017, five of our residents were honored by Wall High School.

The ceremony was attended by Mayor Nick DiRocco and State Assemblyman Ed Thomson.

Our Veterans that were honored, and their branch of the Service are:

Mike McIntyre, Coast Guard
Donn Ruotolo, Army
Bill Guarini, Navy
Nick Korolkoff, Air Force
Bill Burns, Navy/Marines Medic

Thanks to all our Veterans for their service!