Robo call 8/7/2020

The following information is from today’s robo call from Board president Bob Beddes – The significant storm this past Tuesday Aug.4th resulted in damage to about 22 trees in our community which will need to be removed. The Management Office immediately went to work and contacted our Insurance carrier and contractors to have the trees removed as soon as possible.

Given the widespread impact of the storm, please understand that it may take a little longer than usual to get all of the trees removed. Your understanding will be appreciated.

Luckily there was no other significant property damage within the community.

Earlier this week, Governor Murphy rescinded a previous Executive Order that had allowed indoor gatherings of 25% of capacity up to a maximum of 100 persons. Executive Order #173, issued this Tuesday, has reduced the number of individuals at indoor gatherings to maximum of 25 persons, with the same limit of 25 % of capacity.

The current Executive Order will still allow the Board and HOA Committees to hold business meeting in the Ballroom; however, we are evaluating the impact of this reduction on our ability to hold other meetings such as Candidates Night and General Membership meetings.

Regarding the upcoming election for the 3 open positions on the Board, your participation in this process is strongly encouraged. If you have not already done so, please review the letter that you recently received from the Judiciary Committee.

If this message did not start at the beginning, do not hang up and it should replay. You can always call the following number for a replay of the call: 866 995 0536 or refer to the Community website for a transcript of the call.

The Board thanks you for your continued cooperation during this period of limited access to the clubhouse.


Info from today’s robo call – 7/31/2020.

The following information is from today’s robo call from Board president, Bob Beddes.

The Board would like to remind all residents that until further notice, the indoor pool will only be open on the same days and hours as the outdoor pool.

The policies in place at the pool for both the staff and residents are necessary to comply with the Dept. of Health requirements. The DOH can and will make unannounced inspections and can shut the pool down if we are not complying.

 Therefore, residents are requested to refrain from telling pool managers and others that the protocols in place do not have to followed.

The Pool Managers are following DOH policies, which includes the requirement that they wear a mask. The policies are for the safety of all and to ensure that we do not lose the license to keep the pools open.

Regarding the condition of the lawns, an application of weed killer will be applied, where needed, during the week of Aug. 3rd.

As a reminder, the next Board meeting is on Wednesday Aug. 5 in the Ballroom and the Open Meeting will start at 11:00am. Residents who wish to attend the Open Meeting can enter from the side door on the veranda, adjacent to the Croquet court. A mask will be required to enter the Ballroom.

Until further notice, the Board will continue to hold its regularly scheduled Workshop Meeting and the Open Meeting in the Ballroom.

Earlier this week, the Judiciary Committee mailed a Letter to all Homeowners for the “First Notice of Election and Call for Candidates” in connection with the upcoming Board of Trustees Election.

Resumes of candidates will be available in several ways:

> – posted on the website,

>- available at the Library Annex outside the clubhouse front door on weekdays, weather permitting and,

>- as indicated in the Letter from Judiciary.

Your participation in this important process is encouraged and appreciated.

If this message did not start at the beginning, do not hang up and it should replay. Or you can always call the following number for a replay of the call: 866 995 0536

The Board thanks you for your continued cooperation and please continue to stay safe.


Information from today’s robo call – 7/23/2020

This information is from today’s robo call from Board President, Bob Beddes.

I am pleased to report that effective tomorrow Friday, July 24th, the Indoor Pool will be opened. Of course, use of the indoor pool will be subject to several covid-19 restrictions. The Pool Policies for this year, which have been Amended to include the rules for the indoor pool, will be available at the pool and will be posted on the Community website.

A couple of important points are as follows:

At this time, the indoor pool will only be open on the same days and the same hours as the outdoor pool.

Access to the indoor pool will be through the same gate used for the outdoor pool.

Please observe other policies as posted at the pool and included on the Amended 2020 Pool Rules.

The Board extends its appreciation to our Community Manager, Chuck Braun for his hard work and efforts to allow the opening of both pools this summer.

As previously announced the Board held its July 15th Workshop meeting and Open meeting in the clubhouse ballroom, which we will continue to do so going forward.

Earlier this week, we informed the HOA Committee Chairpersons that they may also hold their Committee Business Meetings in the ballroom.

These meetings require reservations through the management office, social distancing and face coverings at all times in the meeting.

Reopening of amenities will continue to be on a phased, step by step basis; but the small steps noted above will help your Board and Committees to conduct community business and evaluate additional options.

The Finance Committee is starting to work on the 2021 Budget and they will soon be contacting Committee Chairpersons to discuss issues that will be impacting next years’ Budget.

The Judiciary Committee is working on the upcoming Board of Trustees Election. They will be mailing a letter to Homeowners next week to start the process. Please read the Letter carefully as it includes information regarding a new regulation from the Department of Community Affairs. Your participation in this important process is encouraged and appreciated.

As always, the Board thanks you for your continued patience and understanding as we continue to evaluate all options regarding the opening of amenities while at the same time maintaining a safe environment for all residents. 


Car thefts/break-ins in our area!

We have been informed of recent car thefts and car break-ins in Wall Township ( @ Pheasant Hollow development across from us on Lakewood Road) during the night.

Our Board has spoken with Wall Township Police Department and the Police will make extra passes through our community during the next several evenings.

We recommend that cars are parked in your garage overnight. If your car is parked parked on the driveway, never leave valuables in the car and make sure the car is locked. Also, always make sure your garage door is closed!

Reopening of Common Area locations – info from our Board of Trustees.

Upon advice of Counsel and in accordance with Executive Order No. 147, the Board cannot at this time allow the use of our amenities (even just for socialization) other than the tennis courts  As much as we appreciate the desire of some residents for more social interaction, the Board must adhere to the Governor’s guidelines and restrict the use of our communal facilities.  This morning the Board met and explored with Counsel the possible use of the pool and veranda for social gatherings and were advised unequivocally that such gatherings were not permissible.  The Board and Counsel will continue to meet and discuss reopening of our various amenities as the Governor modifies Executive Order No. 147.

Please note that this is a frequently changing and fluid environment and the Board and Management Office are evaluating our options on a continuous basis. We are equally anxious to open the amenities; however, we need to ensure that we are adhering to the specific provisions in the Governors Executive Orders for us to do so.

The Governor’s press conference today seemed encouraging and hopefully we can soon make a few incremental changes, especially with outdoor amenities.

 We thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.


Four Seasons at Wall

Board of Trustees

May 26, 2020

The following is a Senior Scam alert from Wall Township Police Dept.

“The Wall Township Police Department would like to warn the public about scams targeting the senior community. This particular scam involves phone calls to our seniors where the fraudster will inform them that one of their family members was recently arrested and in need of bail money. The fraudsters have even went as far as to go to the seniors residence to collect the alleged bail money. If you believe you have been victim to one of these scams or contacted by one of these fraudsters then please report the incident to The Wall Township Police Department at 732-449-4500.”

Lieutenant Chad Clark #143 Wall Township Police Department Special Services Division2700 Allaire, Road ,Wall Township, New Jersey 07719Office: (732) 449-4500 ext.1143Fax: (732) 449-1637Cell: (908) 596-9480Email: