Raccoon problems @ Four Seasons.

Several homes in the area of Lantern Light Way and Wishing Well had discovered that raccoons and perhaps other rodents have taken up residence in their attics and created infestation situations.

Several of our residents have undergone expensive and extensive remediation, that included haz-mat work as the feces and urine of the animals was absorbed into the insulation, floors, and wood.

One of the access ways for the raccoons, etc. was through vent openings and attic fan housings.  Periodic inspections of these areas may be worthwhile, and you may wish to have a professional exterminator come in to look at your attic.

Some of our residents have opted for a second opinion to assure they are getting the correct information and evaluation of the problem, and embarking on a program that will prevent future infestations.

Clubhouse roofing underway – June 24, 2019 – update 6/26/2019

The shingled portion of the clubhouse roof was completed late in the afternoon along with the cleanup of the exterior clubhouse environs.  There is still some detail type work to be done including the repairs to the cupola.

The flat roof replacement is underway and should be completed by the end of the day on Thursday. 

The gatehouse roofing system replacement will start at 7 AM on 6/27 and is expected to be completed by late afternoon.  During this phase of the roofing project only the homeowner entry lane and outer exit lane will be available to use by vehicular traffic.  There will be an additional gatehouse attendant on duty to assist with entry traffic.

6/25 update – expected completion of the shingle roofing of Clubhouse is mid-day Thursday.  There will be minor elements to be addressed however the mess and noise will basically cease.    Also on Thursday work will begin on the two flat roof systems over the main clubhouse entrance & the veranda.

Work will begin on the gatehouse roof tomorrow ( 6/26)  and will begin at approx. 10 Am through 5 PM.  Only the outer entrance lane and outer exit lanes will be available to all traffic during the time work is being done on the gatehouse.

Croquet Anyone?

The Croquet seasons starts on Thursday June 27, 2019 and continues through Thursday August 22, 2019.  The Championship game is on Thursday August 29th @ 9:15 AM.

If you haven’t played Croquet and would like to learn the game, there will be an introduction to Croquet prior to game play. 

The fee is $1.00 to your favorite charity.  The sign-up forms are on the counter in the Clubhouse

Play times are Thursdays @ 9:15; 10:00; and 10:45

Contact Walter Nicholson at 732-223-3905 for more information!

Photos from Four Seasons Memorial Day Remembrance

Four Seasons Marines
Ed Morris from our American Legion Post addresses the audience to remind us of the cost of our freedom.
Anthony D’Altrui of the Four Seasons Marines and Ed Morris – all of our Veterans were acknowledged and thanked for their service.
The Four Seasons American Legion Members
selling Poppy’s at Shop-Rite
The story background of the Poppy is on our web site