Expenditures approved by your Trustees @ October 4, 2017 Meeting

At today’s meeting the following expenditures were approved by the Board of Trustees:

DTE proposal for Controller Replacement at Well #16 – $1,575.34 – Replacement Reserve Fund.

Air Dynamics proposal for replacement of the water fountain located outside the Fitness Center – $1,559.18 – Replacement Reserve Fund.

The Racquet Shop proposal for Seasonal Windscreen Removal – $561.09.

Donation to South Wall Fire Department$150..

Reimbursement to Mermaids for replacement of items destroyed in vandalizing incident – $172.70.

Expenditure of $896.66 to offset additional costs associated with the 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Board of Trustees Meeting – Sept. 20, 2017

At the September 20, 2017 Board meeting, the Trustees approved the following expenditures.

New Dimensions, $1500. Inspect conditions of the bocce courts and make recommendations as to what steps may be taken to improve the surface of the courts.

Tech Electric – not to exceed $6,000 – troubleshooting to verify the functional status of irrigation control wiring segments and isolate irrigation faulted segments, and repair.

Thorpe Nursery & Landscaping – $1,314.56 – cut out turf grass along the side towards the pond side and two corners of the tennis courts to approx. two feet in width and approx. 3″ in dept. Install landscaping fabric and 1-3 ” of Delaware stone to allow water to drain off and away from the playing surface.

Board of Trustees Meeting – Sept. 6, 2017

At today’s Board meeting, your Trustees passed the following items.

Renewal ( 5 year term) of the contract with Senior Publishing (The Voice) – $375/issue – 450 copies of The Voice.

Windowrama’s proposal to replace 2 windows in the billiard room – $4,733.00

Down To Earth proposal to replace a malfunctioning controller with a Hunter I-Core controller and pedestal suitable for 29 zones. Cost $1,575.34.

Soap dispensers for the showers – cost $512.

In addition, plans are being made to bring in the new Wall Township Chief of Police and some of his Officers to meet with our residents.