Grounds and Irrigation related items

The irrigation system started operating on Friday evening. The system will run for thirty minutes per zone on Friday evening and Sunday evening.

Because of the size of the overall system what starts running on Friday will run into Saturday morning, and what runs Sunday night will run into Monday morning.

If anyone has an irrigation emergency, please call the Gatehouse. The Gatehouse attendant will contact Chuck who will in turn contact the DTE representative on call for emergencies.


The following information came to our community from a resident and a Police Group. Chuck Braun checked out the information with Chief Brown of Wall Township and the Chief had Lt. Scerbo research it.

Per Lt. Scerbo this particular scam is not presently in our area, but they (Wall Police) are aware of it and we felt it should be passed on to our residents.


Kitchen work progressing

The work is continuing in the kitchen. We had to have additional electrical work done to assure our Clubhouse is in compliance with current Electrical Codes.

The walls have been repaired and work is progressing.

Some Photos of the Electrical Work We Have Had Done in the Kitchen

The contractor found that some of the electrical work in our Clubhouse kitchen was not up to current Code; and that certain of our appliances now require dedicated power lines. We have had that work done and here are some shots of the work.

Added receptacles for microwave:

Receptacles behind refrigerators:

Relocated and added receptacles – sink side:

Wires run to service panel:

Wiring to install new instant hot:

Progress continues on the kitchen renovation

The floor tiles are in and the cabinetry work has started – pictures below – the countertops and island top will be cut this week and then it should take a week+ to have them ready.

We did hit a few glitches – some of the crown molding had to be redone – Chuck is in contact with the vendor.

We are putting in some new outlets so that required additional electrical work + permits and assuring that all electrical work is up to Code for Wall Township. Our Clubhouse is 20 years old and the electrical code for Wall Township now requires dedicated lines for the refrigerators, so we are also getting that done.