New Staff Members @ Our Gatehouse

One of our gatehouse staff, Bill McClain, has tendered his resignation after approximately 9 years of service here @ Four Seasons. We wish him well in any future endeavors!

2 new staff members have been added to the gatehouse coverage rotation.

Kevin Hoey, will be on duty on Wednesday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday for the daytime shift

Nick Imperato, will be handling the 3 – 11:30 PM shift on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Kitchen demolition starting Monday Feb. 5, 2018

Board members and our contractors met on Monday January 29th for a walk-through the kitchen and it was agreed the demo will begin as above.

As mentioned in earlier posts, to protect our residents, the entrance to the kitchen will be physically blocked off during the project.

As always, thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Clubhouse kitchen renovation

At the January 18, 2018 General Membership meeting, Barbara Roche provided information on the scope and cost of the upcoming clubhouse kitchen renovation.

The Board of Trustees approved a not-to-exceed amount of $42,000. The actual cost is at $38,646.47. There is one open item to be included, and that is additional electrical outlets on one of the kitchen walls.

Our kitchen is a very large room, with the cabinets, appliances, etc. being 20 years old.

The renovation will be coordinated through Chuck Braun by Lowe’s who will act as the general contractor to get us the deliveries, the demolition work, plumbing work, electrical work, tile work, and any other items needed to realize the completion of all the work.

The actual renovation will include all appliances, cabinets, floor tiles, counter tops and island top, adding backsplash tiles, sinks and faucets, adding pantries in the refrigerator area to provide more space for storage of items such as coffee urns, there will be deeper rollout drawers to store larger items, fans will be replaced, and the room will be painted.

The warming oven will remain, however, a new ice making machine will have to be purchased as when it was moved to accommodate the renovation it was discovered that the bottom metal part was rusted out. This item is also 20 years old.

Thanks to Bob & Ellen Taylor, Sandy DeGrande, and Theresa D’Andria, who worked with Barbara and Dave Heskin on this project for our community.

Snow Storm Costs – January 4, 2018 – 17.4″ snowfall

Our costs for the above snowstorm are as follows:

Clubhouse parking lot 17″ $2,627.00
Roadways $6,592.00
Service walks 380 X $15. $5,700.00
Driveways 380 X $ 44. $16,720.00
Rock salt application $3,300.00
(12 tons @ $275/ton)
Labor hours to clear during storm $ 315.00
(9 hours X $35/hour)

Subtotal $35,254.00
NJ sales tax 6.625% $ 2,335.58

Total $37,589.58

Kitchen Renovation – Four Seasons @ Wall

The renovation work on the kitchen will begin shortly after January 18th, which is when we expect to start receiving delivery of the cabinets, appliances, tiles, etc.

All the deliveries will be coordinated through Chuck Braun, our HOA manager.

Once deliveries are made demolition will begin.

The clubs/groups are being asked to arrange to have all items out of the cabinets, the refrigerators, out from under the sinks, and off the counter tops, no later than January 18th.

Our utmost concern is for the safety of our residents during the demolition and renovation and to that end the kitchen area will be cordoned off.