Rte. 70 Property – 8/2/2018 Update

the Board now has more information about items that have been written into the approved plans.

There are 2 underground lines that have to be done, only one of them being on FSW property – the sanitary sewer line – and that is in the grass area. The water line is right outside FSW property and can be accessed through their driveway. Wall Township Water Commission has reviewed and approved the plan.

The houses will back onto Morningstar and the Board has been advised that there will be a hefty tree buffer zone.

The plans call for a truck wash, bales of hay to protect our catch basins, and Soil Preservation and Conservation have been involved in the planning.

Phase 1 – was just completed and ran for 3 days.

Phase 2 – will involve clearing the lot of trees for the sewer infrastructure- this phase is scheduled to last 6 weeks. The Board of Trustees are meeting on 8/14 with the contractor and will have a more fine tuned schedule of work.

The entire project is expected to last for 7 1/2 months. The Township will be doing periodic and unannounced inspections.

There will be a detention basin. They have their own ravine near the auto body place so no storm drainage will be draining onto FSW property.

As the Board has more information, it will be displayed on the web site.

Construction at Back Property – Update 7/30/2018

Construction at the back property adjacent to Route 70 began this morning. As Joe Daurio, Board President, indicated in his robo call this morning, the development of this area was finalized in 2016.

Barrier sheeting is being erected to prevent any soil erosion. Per the on-site foreman the main construction will begin within 3-4 weeks.

We do expect that some trees will be removed this week. Over the weekend photos were taken of the trees so that we can verify exactly what was there when trees are being replaced.

As Joe Daurio reiterated this morning, Chuck Braun and your Board are getting in touch with Wall Township to get the exact work schedule, and an agreed upon and written scope of work that will be done, and to assure that all FSW property and assets are at all times protected.

Some of the items the Board will be addressing are:
A port-a-john for the worksite.
A flag person at the site entrance for traffic control & safety.
Maintaining an access lane at the back gate should emergency vehicles need to access our community.
Timely notification should there be any disruption of utilities, ie water, electricity, etc.
Covers for any roadway trenches & protection for runoff into our catch basins.
Daily clean-up of any work overflows onto our property.

As we have additional information, it will be communicated to you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Results of the Special Meeting held on June 25, 2018

The Special Meeting was called to order at 1:30, and the head of Judiciary announced that a quorum was attained.

Joe Daurio, Board President, opened the meeting.

Statements were read, and questions were asked.

Those residents present, who had noted voted via absentee ballot, were given time to complete and hand in their ballots.

The head of Judiciary announced the result of the total votes, absentee ballots and ballots of those present, and the result was:

187 to remove Dave Heskin from the FSW Board of Trustees
28 to have Dave Heskin continue on the FSW Board of Trustees

At approximately 2:45 PM Joe Daurio announced the Dave Heskin was no longer on the Board of Trustees, thanked those on Judiciary for their work at the Special Meeting, and closed the Special Meeting.

Grounds and Irrigation related items

The irrigation system started operating on Friday evening. The system will run for thirty minutes per zone on Friday evening and Sunday evening.

Because of the size of the overall system what starts running on Friday will run into Saturday morning, and what runs Sunday night will run into Monday morning.

If anyone has an irrigation emergency, please call the Gatehouse. The Gatehouse attendant will contact Chuck who will in turn contact the DTE representative on call for emergencies.