Four Seasons Honor all Veterans – November 11, 2018

On Sunday, November 11, 2018, the Legionnaires and the Marines of Four Seasons had a ceremony to honor and remember all those who have served our Country.

Anthony D’Altrui of the Marines, and Ed Morris from the American Legion spoke to the group, and a cake to acknowledge the birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps was presented. Joe Campea one of our Marines was given a slice of cake as his birthday, November 10th, falls on the Marine Corps birthday

Our Octoberfest Gala

114 residents of the Four Seasons enjoyed a great event featuring authentic German food – thank you to Bill and Maryann Kelly, Barbara Sands, Joann Schwarzbek, and Mary Lou O’Callahan for all the work coordinating the event, and to Pat Moore and Dennis Leonard for making sure we had refreshments!

We also had some entertainment from Cliff Robinson and Leo Wagner –

As you can see, everyone enjoyed!

Election of Board of Trustees Officers and Committee Liaisons

At an executive session on 10/1/2018, the Board members elected officers for the 10/1/2018-9/30/2019 term.

The results are: Barbara Roche – President; Tom Coyle – Vice-President; Marilyn Carpini -Secretary; Bob Beddes – Asst. Treasurer; Bruce Rosenberg – Member at Large.

Ray Kayden was reappointed as Treasurer.

Marilyn Carpini will be the Board liaison to ACC; Bruce Rosenberg will be the Board liaison to G&I; Bob Beddes will be the Board liaison to the Finance Committee.

Update on Down To Earth

On September 20 information was provided to let you know some of the problems the community is encountering due to DTE’s poor performance, and their reneging on doing a full do-over of seeding, aerating, etc.

Since that day, Joey Wiltsey, the Irrigation Manager for DTE, resigned. Once he resigned DTE and was giving DTE notice, DTE opted that he leave immediately.

Your Board of Trustees, Chuck Braun, and the G&I Committee folks are working together so that FSW remains a beautifully landscaped community and all required tasks are completed.

This letter was sent to DTE on 9/20/2018.

Board's Notice Letter of Deficiencies in Performance

DTE notified about poor performance and negligence

Back on 9/7 you were notified that DTE was going to re-do entire operations as to seeding, aerating, etc. That was to start on 9/11, however, due to heavy rain for many days that week the work did not get done.

Chuck has been following up with DTE, and now DTE has taken the position that they will “remedy” – not re-do. That is not acceptable as there are many areas in our community that are in terrible shape.

Your Board of Trustees notified DTE today, that based on the contractual agreement, they (DTE)have breached that contractual responsibilities