No plastic bags!

The following notice has been received from Wall Township Department of Public Works.    Recycle containers will not be emptied by Public Works if your container contains plastic bags.

Women’s Club bake sale 4/13/2019

The Women’s Club bake sale was a major success.   The event was organized by Sheila Devenish and Pat Coyle.   72 bakers from our community + 4 good sport males contributed  for tables of delicious pies, cakes, cookies, tarts, breads, brownies – you get the idea!

We also had 18 volunteers to keep everything running smoothly and of course Walter Nicholson who makes the coffee for our events.

Co- Chairs of the event –  Sheila Devenish and Pat Coyle.

Event Co-chairs with the Women’s Club Co-chairs – Barbara Sands and Fran Brown.

Our four good sport male bakers.  Alan Devenish, Craig Sands, Bill Kelly, and Tom Coyle.

All of our volunteers!

The tables of goodies and our residents making their choices.

Thanks to all for your support!

Irrigation Contract

At the March 6, 2019 Open Board Meeting, the trustees approved a 3 year contract with Landscape Maintenance Service for irrigation work in our community.    These are the people that were awarded the Landscaping contract for Four Seasons.

DTE had been handling irrigation for us, however, they notified Chuck Braun that they were no longer interested in providing this service for us.   Chuck is working with DTE to have  DTE repair  valve covers that were damaged by DTE  when they were the contractor and worked in the various areas.

The contract is a 3 year contract.  The annual costs are as follows: 2019  $90,098.12;  2020  $ 93,296.87;  2021  $ 96,495.62.

Update on Conservation Easement area.

Update March 11, 2019 –   The “No Trespassing” signs are ready to be installed and the cameras are ordered and will be installed immediately upon receipt.

Chuck Braun came across a dirt bike motorcycle and a wheelbarrow on our property.   When Chuck was on site with a Wall Township Police Officer, the officer inquired in the homes that abut the area as to who owned the items.  As no one indicated ownership, the items were removed and sent to Wall Township recycling center.


At the January General Meeting, and in the Voice information was made available on this tract in the area of Deer Meadow.   Your Board of Trustees also with Chuck Braun of our Management Office are working with Wall Township Police to assure there is no further intrusion into this area.  

A letter has been sent to all FSW homeowners in the area adjacent to and with visibility to this tract asking for their cooperation.  Homeowners are asked to not go onto this area or approach people should they see activity in the area, but rather to call the HOA office or gatehouse staff who will notify Wall Township Police.   Involvement by our homeowners actually undermines the efforts to determine those persons who have altered this protected area.

No Trespassing signs are being obtained and will be posted.

Grounds & Irrigation Committee; Architectural Control Committee

If you attended the January 2019 General Membership meeting or read the February Voice, you know that there is a new Chairperson for each committee.  Pat Moore has volunteered to Chair G&I, and Hank McNally has volunteered to Chair ACC.

The committees were also restructured as to the number of members on the committees.   The following residents applied for and were selected to work on the Grounds & Irrigation, and the Architectural Control Committee.

Grounds & Irrigation:  Susan Wright, Susan D’Altrui, Judy Lefsky, Diana Sullivan, Homer Smith, Ed Cook, Lorraine Walsh, Arlene Burns.

Architectural Control Committee:  Sandy DeGrande, Joan Smith, Bill Collis, Bill Lawless, Ginny Orbe.

A thank you to all the volunteers!