Update on Down To Earth

On September 20 information was provided to let you know some of the problems the community is encountering due to DTE’s poor performance, and their reneging on doing a full do-over of seeding, aerating, etc.

Since that day, Joey Wiltsey, the Irrigation Manager for DTE, resigned. Once he resigned DTE and was giving DTE notice, DTE opted that he leave immediately.

Your Board of Trustees, Chuck Braun, and the G&I Committee folks are working together so that FSW remains a beautifully landscaped community and all required tasks are completed.

This letter was sent to DTE on 9/20/2018.

Board's Notice Letter of Deficiencies in Performance

DTE notified about poor performance and negligence

Back on 9/7 you were notified that DTE was going to re-do entire operations as to seeding, aerating, etc. That was to start on 9/11, however, due to heavy rain for many days that week the work did not get done.

Chuck has been following up with DTE, and now DTE has taken the position that they will “remedy” – not re-do. That is not acceptable as there are many areas in our community that are in terrible shape.

Your Board of Trustees notified DTE today, that based on the contractual agreement, they (DTE)have breached that contractual responsibilities

Some Thing You Should Know – 9/13/2018

Front Door of Clubhouse
the solenoid for the front door locking mechanism has degraded and causes intermittent lock release issues. The service appointment is for Tuesday, Sept. 18. The front door will be open during the day to minimize entry issues.

Fire Dept.@ Clubhouse
The Fire Dept. responded to an alarm this morning that was the result of a motor in the energy receiver ventilation system that failed and produced enough smoke trigger the duct system smoke detectors, which triggered the alarm to the Fire Dept.

The system was taken off line until a replacement motor can be purchased and installed. The cost of the service call, motor, and labor should range between $1,200 – $1,500.

Gone Missing
The router and Ethernet cable connected to our sound system in the Ballroom have gone missing. The items have been replaced and a locksmith will rekey the lock on that door. Only the management office and the gatehouse will have the key.

DTE to Redo Entire Turf Renovation Process starting 9/11/2018

As you may have observed the turf renovation process performed by DTE was less than acceptable.

To that end, DTE will be redoing the entire turf renovation process to begin on Tuesday 9/11/2018. This will involve a mow of the turf to a shortened height, the flagging of the entire irrigation system and core aeration, slice seeding, and a complete over-seeding of the property.

The DTE area manager stated that he will have a different crew performing the above tasks and he, the manager, will be on site for the entire renovation process.

Rte. 70 Property – 8/2/2018 Update

the Board now has more information about items that have been written into the approved plans.

There are 2 underground lines that have to be done, only one of them being on FSW property – the sanitary sewer line – and that is in the grass area. The water line is right outside FSW property and can be accessed through their driveway. Wall Township Water Commission has reviewed and approved the plan.

The houses will back onto Morningstar and the Board has been advised that there will be a hefty tree buffer zone.

The plans call for a truck wash, bales of hay to protect our catch basins, and Soil Preservation and Conservation have been involved in the planning.

Phase 1 – was just completed and ran for 3 days.

Phase 2 – will involve clearing the lot of trees for the sewer infrastructure- this phase is scheduled to last 6 weeks. The Board of Trustees are meeting on 8/14 with the contractor and will have a more fine tuned schedule of work.

The entire project is expected to last for 7 1/2 months. The Township will be doing periodic and unannounced inspections.

There will be a detention basin. They have their own ravine near the auto body place so no storm drainage will be draining onto FSW property.

As the Board has more information, it will be displayed on the web site.