News re: Lawn Mowing, Watering, Recycle Pick-up, Management Office

Due to the continued heat a decision has been made to suspend all lawn mowing for the next few days.

In addition, because of the heat, run times for the sprinklers will increase from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. If you are aware of areas that need additional watering please do not hesitate to water those areas.

Because of the Independence Day Holiday on Wednesday, July 4th, the pick up of recycles will be Friday. There is no change in the garbage pickup.

The Management Office will be closed on Wednesday July 4th.

Wishing all a happy Fourth of July holiday.

Results of the Special Meeting held on June 25, 2018

The Special Meeting was called to order at 1:30, and the head of Judiciary announced that a quorum was attained.

Joe Daurio, Board President, opened the meeting.

Statements were read, and questions were asked.

Those residents present, who had noted voted via absentee ballot, were given time to complete and hand in their ballots.

The head of Judiciary announced the result of the total votes, absentee ballots and ballots of those present, and the result was:

187 to remove Dave Heskin from the FSW Board of Trustees
28 to have Dave Heskin continue on the FSW Board of Trustees

At approximately 2:45 PM Joe Daurio announced the Dave Heskin was no longer on the Board of Trustees, thanked those on Judiciary for their work at the Special Meeting, and closed the Special Meeting.

Grounds and Irrigation related items

The irrigation system started operating on Friday evening. The system will run for thirty minutes per zone on Friday evening and Sunday evening.

Because of the size of the overall system what starts running on Friday will run into Saturday morning, and what runs Sunday night will run into Monday morning.

If anyone has an irrigation emergency, please call the Gatehouse. The Gatehouse attendant will contact Chuck who will in turn contact the DTE representative on call for emergencies.

Sunset Dessert Evening – June 7, 2018

The Women’s Club event was another huge success. All whom attended had a wonderful time.

New Officers were installed, and a deserving senior from Manasquan HS was awarded a $1500 scholarship.

Cathy Vento presented our own Aine Lynch-Powers with a special “Thank You” for her years of giving nursing help, and nurturing so many of us here at Four Seasons. Julie McClure wrote an original poem for Aine that put all our thoughts and good wishes into words.

Marilyn Carpini presented a check to Alzheimer’s NJ

In addition to champagne, delicious desserts, and handsome bartenders, we rocked with the Kootz, a musical group – thank you Ann Alexander for the entertainment.