To All Movie Goers and Friends, etc. – From the Movie Presenters:

We are looking to increase our membership at this time, in particular, but by no means reserved, for younger age groups to join the ranks of presenters.

The requirements are simple: enjoying good company on Friday evening; interest in movies to watch from the earliest to the latest; to present these movies for others to enjoy; and then have some coffee and desert type refreshments and conversations thereafter.

The commitments require availability to be responsible for the evening movie and refreshments once about every 8 to 12 weeks. (The final number will depend on the total number of presenters, various vacation periods, I: e; summer, snow birds, etc.)

For sign up and/or further information contact:

Erwin Tepper, 732-292-1883,,

Joan Smith, 732-528-3636,

FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES is an event that occurs here at Four Seasons Friday evenings (with the exception of certain holidays and competing events) in the clubhouse theater.  The aim is to enjoy an evening of movie entertainment followed by coffee (decaffeinated), cake, cookies, ice cream, etc., in the ballroom.  The evening is open to all residents and visitors of Four Seasons.  The movie begins at 7:30 PM.  The “show” starts at 7 PM as many people enjoy watching JEOPARDY on TV channel 7.

The movie is chosen each week by Movie Club Members. The movie choice can be a silent movie, a foreign made film , a recent movie, an oldie but goody, etc. If available, all should have English sub-titles for the hard of hearing.

The Club Member is also responsible for the coffee and cake afterwards.  There is no charge to enjoy this event, however, we would appreciate a donation of $2.00 at coffee and cake time to cover the expenses of the members for the food.

A smaller group, within the group are individuals who have had instructions how to use the electrical equipment to show the movie and TV. They have keys to the equipment closet, which is located in the theater.  The list of key holders is posted on the door to the theater.  Also posted on the door is a list, in alphabetical order, of all the previous movies which have been shown.  Each week, hopefully by Wednesday, a poster will be on the door announcing the coming Friday’s movie.

As soon as the movie is chosen for the particular week, Marilyn Falvey sends an email with the name and a short summary of the film to all interested parties.  If you would like to be on that email list, please contact Marilyn.

By Fire Marshal regulations seating in the theater is limited to 25. If more people arrive, the movie will be shown either in the Ball Room, or the All Purpose room down stairs, depending on the situation.  ALL ATTEMPTS WILL BE MADE TO ACCOMMODATE EVERY ONE ON THAT FRIDAY NIGHT!!